Why Do Roof Shingles Curl

If your shingles are curling, there are a couple of possible reasons. Learn which reason might be causing your problem and how roofing contractors can help. Your shingles are curling, it's only a matter of time before you start to have problems with your roof. Before you end up with a soggy attic or mold growth inside your home, learn what could be causing the problem, as well as how roofing contractors can fix it for you. Reason #1: A Roofing Company Needs To Replace The Roof If your roof is over 15 years old and the shingles are starting to curl, it's a sign that the materials are old and that the home needs a new roof. Replacement is the only solution for this problem. Some materials no

4 Action Steps For Leaky Roof

4 Action Steps When Your Roof is Leaking Many parts of the south are known for their storms, especially Georgia and Florida. A heavy storm blows through your area and the next thing you know, leaky roofs have reared their ugly head causing stained ceilings, and water tracks creeping down your walls. Oh no! What now? What do you do first? Who do you call? We are going to give you some action steps to take. Action Step 1: Minimize interior damage Clean up any water and move furniture out of the way of the leaks. Cover any furniture with plastic sheets if it cannot be moved. Find a leak-proof bucket to catch any other water falling into your home. Five gallon buckets work great if you have one.

Gutter Cleaning Fall and Spring

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important projects on the to-do list yet it’s too often overlooked. Unfortunately, many of us wait until late into the fall season when the very last leaf falls before we decide to get it done. This delay exposes our homes to potential damage. Plus, it makes the job a lot more difficult to do. If you do it a couple of times a year, in the fall and spring, cleaning gutters is easy. Just once, or not at all, and it can cost you thousands of dollars worth of trouble down the road. The problem with clogged gutters is more than just those annoying waterfalls that pour off the roof on rainy days, or the pretty icicles that hang around in the winter. This ex

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