Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC  has been providing quality & affordable roofing in Flowery Branch, Gainesville and all of Northeast Georgia for over 19 years. Our goal is and has always been to provide excellent workmanship and customer service no matter what size job.


Accurate Roofing Pros. LLC started out as a small hometown roofing company owned and operated by family and have since grown to a full service roofing company.  What makes our company different is from the very beginning we have always put the customer first.   We understand the concerns that homeowners have when replacing their roofs. So, we spend time to educate and make all our customers feel comfortable with the roofing process whether it be for repair or replacement work.  This is why we have a large number of customers who come to us over and over again from referrals from family and friends.  


    Our Project Manager Jana Shimley has been in the roofing industry a little over 19 years. You could say it is a family affair. She grew up being familiar with the construction industry. Eventually, a family business was started in roofing and she has been involved ever since. Now she shares a love of wanting to help people with one of the most basic needs known to mankind…. Shelter. She is a driving force in Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC. She takes the success and reputation of the business personally.

     Jana is among one of the only women in the roofing industry. Community and family are important and drive her ethics and business values.

     Most importantly, we are a Woman-Owned Business and we understand the struggles of understanding how the roofing process works.  We are always there to educate stay at home moms, single women and those who need assurance that they are not being taken advantage of. 

     Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC provides professional and skilled consultations with a variety of homeowners. Jana enjoys the ability to provide a female-friendly roofing replacement service that seemed so far out of reach for women for many years. As a female project manager, she is redefining roofing by breaking the old paradigms of a predominantly male field. Her expertise in the field has opened doors for women to step out and embrace home renovation and project decisions.


      We have found it is not uncommon for us to deal with the woman of the house when it comes to decisions regarding roofing needs for the home. Often, it is a single mom, widow, or divorcee in need of roof repair or roof replacement. The roofing decision requires knowledge of the family budget, insurance coverage and color selections for the roofing shingles. We believe women are extremely important decision makers. That is why we provide roofing solutions that will set our female woman decision makers comfortable