10 Point / Roof Tune-up Package 2  1800 - 2500 sq ft house
•	Professional evaluation of roof leaks and concerns/Roof Certification Report
•	Up to 2 minor Leaks* Repaired (no decking replacement)
•	Up to 22 Shingle Tabs* Replaced
•	Reseal Chimney/Wall Flashing
•	Repair Nail Pops & Seal Exposed Nail Heads
•	Re-Nail Loose Gutter Spikes or Straps
•	Secure Loose Flashing and Seal
•	Reseal Soil & Vent Stack Flashing's
•	Remove Debris (moss not included) from Roof
•	Remove & Replace up to 4 Pipe Flashing's* (neoprene/metal)
•	Provide Before / After Photos with Tune Up Certification

Leak and tab amounts vary depending on package. An extra charge may be necessary for steep roofs, two-three story roofs and/or unusual or difficult repairs. If formed lead based flashings need replacing a extra charge of 25.00 per unit for Formed Lead Based Flashings will apply. Accurate Roofing Solutions, llc reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time and without notice.

Residential Roof Tune Up Package 2

  • All work is covered by a Full 1 YEAR Guarantee – and – If you replace your roof within 90 days of the repairs we will apply the FULL COST of the repair towards your new roof – So it is like getting your roof repaired for FREE!  Sounds good but there must be a catch, right?  Not really but not every roof we inspect is repairable. If we discover your roof is not a good candidate we will not do any work or – If we find additional work over and above our Ten-Point Tune-Up Package we will quote you a reasonable fixed price and will not start any work without your permission.

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