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Roof Replacement Service

Accurate Roofing Pros focuses on residential roofing including roof installation, roof replacement, roof repair, new roofs for homes and commercial buildings as well as leak repairs. Accurate Roofing Pro's goal is to provide customers with high-quality workmanship at competitive prices while delivering outstanding customer service.


If you are looking for high-quality work on your home at a fair price, then contact us today!


1. Roof Removal

Complete removal of the existing

roof system; including roofing materials, flashings and fasteners. 

Clean the roof's deck of all debris to prepare for re-roof application.

2.  Rotted Decking

Remove and replace any and all rotted roof sheathing throughout entire roof area.

3.  Rotted Trusses and Supports

Mature leaks may have caused truss, sub-fascia and/or structural support damage.

4.  Underlayment

Install Asphalt Felt water barrier in all valleys & around all penetrations and chimneys.

5.  Flat Roof Tie-In & Dead Valley

Install new modified rubber flat roof membrane at flat roof tie-in, fastened and msticsized, where applicable.

6.  Existing Skylights

Instal new Velux impact and energy star approed skylight over existing openings, where applicable.

Shingle for roof repalcement
Decking rot
Decking Replacment
Skylight replacement

7.  Boots

Install new neoprene boots over plumbing stacks as well as a secondary rain collar, fastened and sealed, where applicable.

8.  Vents

Install new vents over kitchen, dryer, and bathroom exhaust openings, fastened and sealed, where applicable.

roof flashing pipe boots
Goose Vents on roof

9.  Drip Edge

Install new pre-painted drip edge flashings per "Georgia Code" around the entire perimeter of roof, fastened and masticsized



10.  Wind Resistant Starter


Install special high wind-resistant starter strip shingles at the perimeter of roof area, fastenend and sealed.

Drip Edge Flashing
roofing felt for roofing

11.  Install Shingles

Shingle entire roof area using fiberglass shingles of customers choice.

Shingling roof
Roof replacement Gainesville, GA

12.  Hip & Ridge

Install asphalt hip & ridge shingles to match shingle warranty coverage.



13.  Attic Ventilation

Ridge vents when applicable, power vents, with thermostat and humidistat, or static vents.



14.  Painting

Paint all boots and vents to match shingle color where applicable.


15.  Clean Up

We will maintain a clean and organzed work site during the process.  Perform final clean up including use of a magnet to remove all debris including use of a magnet to remove all debris.



16.  Final Inspection

Quality control manager walks the job site to ensure customer satisfaction.



17.  Warranty

Issue manufactuer and workmanship warranty from ARS on work performed.




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