What Is Mold?

What Is Mold Explained

Mold removal is critical, not only because mold is unsightly, but because it’s also dangerous to you, your family, and even your pets. It might just cause simple allergic reactions such as a stuffy nose or itchy eyes. In more severe cases, it can lead to respiratory issues and worse. In either situation, mold is a health hazard that should be removed by trained techncian's from Accurate Roofing Solutions, LLC Mold Remediation Department. Mold is a fungus that allows a superficial growth to live on damp and/or decaying organic matter. It can be difficult to kill because even when dried out, mold can take on the form of a powder and spread through the air until it finds other suitable conditions in which to thrive again.

Mold typically is velvety in appearance, and while it’s often black (or very dark), it can appear in various colors, particularly white and green. Most commonly, mold grows in poorly ventilated, moist areas, such basements, crawl spaces, and attics, and it can attach to various surfaces, such as paper, leather, wood, cement and tiles. While mold typically grows in cool, damp areas, high temperatures do not prevent the growth of mold. Even extreme heat such as that in an attic does not prevent mold growth, provided the area remains moist. So in addition to other common repercussions, avoiding mold growth is yet another reason to make sure your roof isn’t leaking, your gutters aren’t backed up, and your basement foundation isn’t cracked.

Eliminating moisture is the first step in preventing mold. Accurate Roofing Solution's, LLC will locate the water intrusion in your home or business and advise of how to correct the problem to stop moisture. Because of its ability to thrive in various conditions, it’s difficult to control and needs remediation. Our techncian's are trained in mold remediation and removal of affected area's in your home or business.

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