Storm chasers are companies that follow severe weather from area to area, completing home repairs (generally roofs and siding) that are damaged by hail and wind. They collect homeowners’ insurance claim checks in payment for their services, complete the work (often shoddily) before moving on to the next storm ravaged area.

“Many of the fly-by-night companies bring in 15-20 salesmen and start knocking on doors right after a storm hits. Experts say storm chasers call this method “low-hanging fruit” because the homeowners are panicking and they’re willing to sign with anybody that’s nice to them that says they could get them a free roof.”

Good tip to remember: Any reputable company most likely has so many people calling, asking for estimates in the wake of this weekend’s storms, that they don’t have time to send salesmen out to canvass neighborhoods.

Here in Georgia, we are prone to hailstorms, and storm chasers generally quickly follow any such event. They generally go door-to-door in storm damaged areas, and may advertise themselves as insurance recovery experts or specialists in insurance restoration. (The term “Storm Chaser” can also be used to describe a person who follows storms in order to research, photograph, or simply experience a weather phenomenon. This type of storm chaser is entirely different and is not of any concern to a homeowner!)

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