10 Tips To Prepare for Roof Replacement

10 Tips to Prepare for Roof Replacement

Getting a new roof can be an exciting project. Kids and pets may watch in awe as they observe the crew of roofers working on the roof – they may even want to sneak close as possible to the action. That is extremely dangerous.

Once the roofing company arrives, your house becomes a work zone. As you can imagine a work zone presents unexpected hazards.

Accurate Roofing Pros prioritizes making roof replacement stress-free by providing On-site Project Manager. However, there are major safety precautions and preparations you can make so you’re 100% ready for this project.

Here are 10 Tips to help make your roof replacement go as smoothly as possible when shingles start to fly.

  1. Think about kids and pets Loud noises around the home may increase anxiety. While it is exciting to watch from a safe distance, work zones are extremely unsafe for children and pets.

Talk with your kids to explain that certain areas of the home or yard will be off-limits until the project is over. Since young children may not understand these dangers and may want to explore. We recommend if possible leave the house for the day with children and pets.

2. Relocate your vehicles

Sorry Moms & dads giving your roofing contractor your prime parking space is a must. Contractors need quick access to their tools, trucks and the dumpster throughout the day. You will want to keep your vehicles a safe distance from this area until work is completed.

You should also keep garage doors closed to keep out dust and debris. Unless otherwise guided by your contractor.

3. Remove wall decorations

Vibrations from hammers, saws, and machinery on your roof may travel through walls of your home.

  • Walk through your home on the level below roof.

  • Consider any knick-knacks, pictures, or other items that are hanging from your ceiling or walls.

  • A good precaution is to remove items that are not secured with screws/nails on walls. Also consider the valuable items in the room.

4. Cover belongings in the attic

During the roof replacement process numerous installers will be walking on your roof, pounding it with hammers or other tools. Bad Decking maybe cut and replaced as well as cuts made for new ventilation system.

You can keep personal items clean by covering them with old sheets or drop cloths until the roofing process is completed. Be prepared to do some light vacuuming in the attic after roof replacement is completed as well.

5. Remove grills and patio furniture away from the work zone

A shed or garage is the best place to store outside items like grills, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, and potted plants.

You may also want to put these items together in an area of the yard that is a safe distance from the work zone.

Keep in mind that most contractors will not help you move any personal items inside or outside the home.

6. Prune trees and cut grass before construction begins.

It’s a good idea - If you can have tree branches that hang low near roof line trimmed before your roofing project starts.

Your contractor should use drop cloths or tarps to protect plants and grass in the immediate perimeter of your home, but it’s a good idea to cut grass a day before construction begins. Short grass will help keep fallen debris from hiding in your lawn, making cleanup faster and more thorough.

7. Accessible power outlets

Your contractor will need access to electrical outlets while crew is working. Exterior outlets are preferred. If your home does not have any exterior outlets, a garage outlet is the next best choice.

8. Antennas or satellite dishes

If you have one of these on your roof, your contractor will most likely remove and reinstall for you. However, the cable or satellite provider will most likely need to come out to reset once roof replacement has been completed.

Another great option is to have your provider come out and remove satellite dishes or antennas before the roof project starts and then come back and re-install. Occasionally providers will want to relocate the satellite at this time.

9. Talk to your neighbors

Let your neighbors know about the planned work. Give them an anticipated timeframe for the duration of work. They will thank you! This will give them an opportunity to adjust their schedules if needed and address the danger of the work zone with their children.

10.At the end of the day

Once the new roof is installed you can expect for the crew to come off roof and begin the final clean up stage of project. Magnets will be used around the house in an effort to remove all the nails in yard and around home in general. However, always be cautious after this type of project is completed and crew has left.

Finally, it is always best to communicate with your roofing contractor throughout the roof installation process. Ask if they have any other suggestions to make this project run smoother for their crew and your family.

Most importantly, is to remember that this type of project and any inconvenience it brings is temporary. Soon you will have the roof that you have been waiting for.

Do you need a new roof?

When you need a new roof on your house, call a roofing contractor you can trust to bring you peace of mind

Contact Accurate Roofing Pros at 678 687-6413 or visit us online at www.accurateroofingpros.com to get a fair price

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