Why A Roof Tune Up?

A Roof Tune Up is a shingle roofing maintenance service that is recommended by Accurate Roofing Pros every 5 years and is not the same as a roof repair. The Roof Tune Up addresses roof problems before they become an issue with water intrusion which can save you thousands on roof repairs and extend the life of your shingle roofing system up to 5 years!

Accurate Roofing Pros has trained technicians capable of inspecting your roofing system for potential and common problems that may lead to leaks developing. Our 10 point Roof Tune Up service will address these issues as well as common roof maintenance that is needed every 5 years.

The Roof Tune Up Service every 5 years can help tremendously in preventing water intrusion into your home and water is a house's number one enemy. Contact Accurate Roofing Pros today and get your Roof Tune Up on schedule if your roofing system is 5 years old or older.

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