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How You Can Improve Your Home’s Property Value

It has been shown that replacing your roof will increase your home value by about 12,000 based on the national average. This increase in your home is better than many renovation projects!

Think about all that your roof actually does for you and your family. First, your roof is a major insulator, it helps you have better control of the energy that your home uses, such as lowering the cost of your utilities. Second, it protects you from the obvious - rain, snow, hail, wind, etc. Whatever is going on outside your roof protects you and your family and your belongings. Third, your roof impacts the appearance of your home. Let’s be honest, a worn-out or damaged roof is an eyesore and that is one of the first things people will notice.

1. Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

It all markets in the home building and remodeling sectors, contractors, and homeowners understand the value of increasing energy efficiency for the home. This can be done through which type of lights you install to the type of appliances you have in your home.

Your roof is no different, roofing technology is improving and becoming more energy efficient. The roof plays a critical role in the temperature of your home by controlling how much heat gets in or out through the top of the house. Therefore, it helps in controlling the temperature inside your home.

Since you need to replace your roof every 20 years or so, the chances are that technology has improved considerably since you last had a new roof installed. Upgrading now can help you capture these benefits.

2. Protecting Your and Your Family From the Elements

Whether you live in the south and have to deal with rain, humidity, sun damage among many different types of storms, or if you live in the north and deal with brutal cold, ice, and snow as well as many storms with rain and wind. We all know that our roof is protecting us and our belongings from all of these external elements that are outside of our control.

If you leave your roof in a damaged or worn state then you do not have the protection needed to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. Leaks and a buildup of moisture with an aging roof can pose a threat to anyone in the home, particularly if it begins to nurture the growth of mold. Mold can be hazardous to people’s health and impact the quality of the air they breathe.

When it comes to keeping your home safe and comfortable, your roof plays an important role. At Accurate Roofing Pros, we can help you keep your roof in peak condition so that you can rest easy knowing it will do its job well.

3. Curb Appeal

Your roof is one of the first things you and other people notice when you pull up to your house. It's no secret that a damaged or worn roof is an eyesore, you may even think of one of these roofs that you have seen in your neighborhood, you may not know the neighbor but their home has that reputation. If you are considering selling your home upgrading the roof is definitely something you want to consider in order to improve the home value and to pass any inspections.

Accurate Roofing Pros has trained technicians that are capable of inspecting your roofing system and evaluating the condition of the roof components to identify areas where leaks may develop.

Accurate Roofing Pros focuses on residential roofing including roof installation, roof replacement, roof repair, new roofs for homes and commercial buildings as well as leak repairs. Accurate Roofing Pro's goal is to provide customers with high-quality workmanship at competitive prices while delivering outstanding customer service.



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