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Roof Leak? Here are 4 Actionable Steps To Take Today!

What to do when you have a roof leak that needs a roof repair.

Roof damage that leads to a roof leak is a hassle that no one wants to deal with!

Many parts of the south are known for their storms, especially Georgia and Florida. A heavy storm blows through your area and the next thing you know, leaky roofs have reared their ugly head causing stained ceilings, and water tracks creeping down your walls. Oh no! What now? What do you do first? Who do you call? We are going to give you some action steps to take.

Action Step 1: Minimize interior damage

Clean up any water and move furniture out of the way of the leaks. Cover any furniture with plastic sheets if it cannot be moved. Find a leak-proof bucket to catch any other water falling into your home. Five-gallon buckets work great if you have one. The wet carpet needs to be dried immediately! This is a breeding ground for mold. Water damage to the interior of your home can also increase the cost of repairs needed, you not only would have the roof repair cost but then the interior repair cost.

Action Step 2: Check Exterior For Possible Source of Leak

Walk the exterior of your home to see if you can locate the source of what is causing your water leak.

  • Tree limb fall on your roof?

  • Are there missing shingles from the wind?

  • Are the gutters clogged or damaged with debris?

If you notice any of these potential causes, tarping your roof will help prevent water from entering your home. You can also take notes on what damage you see so when the time comes to speak to a roofing company or your insurance company you have information to provide them.

Action Step 3: Call a roofing contractor first

Many people ask, “Who should I call first, my insurance company or a roofing contractor?”

We recommend you call a reliable local roofing contractor first for these 3 reasons:

1) If the leak is minor and the damage is minimal, it might not meet your home insurance deductible (the amount you must pay before your insurance starts paying for damage). This kind of damage could possibly be repaired with a roof repair service and tarping service to stop further interior damage. So there’s no point in calling the insurance company. Some insurance companies will file a claim with an inquiry. It is best to have all your information together before you call the insurance company.

2) When you call the insurance company, they’ll tell you to call a local roofing company to inspect the roof for damage and to get an estimate of the damage. The insurance company needs an estimate from a professional roofing company before they can process your claim.

3) The roofing contractor can determine if the leak is actually a roofing problem or the cause of something else.

Which roofing contractor do I call?

You will have many options of roofing contractors in your area. It is time to make some contacts with roofing companies so you can begin to make your selection of who you would like to use. Your insurance agent can give you some recommendations. But they’re just that— recommendations.

You should choose the roofer you want.

Do your own research and get 2-3 estimates from quality roofers. We will be glad to work with you as one of the qualified roofers to provide you with an estimate. You want to look for roofing companies who are local and have been established for many years, there are a ton of roofing contractors who have come into business over the last 5 years, compare that to companies who have been around for 20 or more.

Action Step 4: IF needed, Call your insurance agent

If the damage is serious and exceeds your deductible, call your insurance company with your roofing repair estimate and any other information and details needed to cover your claim. Here at Accurate Roofing Pros we work with insurance adjusters to help get your roof covered for damages caused by a storm.

Accurate Roofing Pros is here for all your roofing needs! We offer residential roofing replacement, commercial roofing replacement, roof repairs, roof tuneups, and roofing design services through Roof Roof Beautiful. We have been around for 20 years and our local to the North Georgia area.

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