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Roof Tune-Up Service and Why You Should Consider Getting It.

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A Roof Tune Up Stops & prevents leaks and helps to extend the lifespan of an older asphalt shingle roof. In general, folks with an asphalt roof that is 10 years old or older should be considering a Roof Tune Up, especially if they aren’t sure they can afford a roof replacement just yet.

  • Roof Leak? Ceiling stains?

  • Damaged or missing shingles?

  • Pipe Flashing Leaking?

  • Vents Rusting or Leaking?

  • Chimney leaking?

  • Nail Pops or Shingles Curling

Benefits to a Homeowner

A regular Roof Tune-Up is similar to getting a car tune-up. It’s helpful to be aware of the condition at all times to avoid bigger maintenance issues down the road. This service can extend the life of the roof by taking proactive steps and giving it proper care and attention.

​Regular roof tune up maintenance not only saves money on early roof replacements, but it also ensures that minor roof issues are addressed sooner rather than later, resulting in less expensive repairs over time.

Homeowners & Businesses depend on their roof to keep their homes and businesses safe from the elements. That’s why it is so important to make sure that it stays in good condition throughout the year.

Roof emergencies can result in significant water damage to your home or building, as well as expose your valuables or inventory to the elements and disrupt your life. You want to catch any issues before they become an emergency.

A Roof Tune Up is a crucial step toward ensuring the roof remains in excellent shape.

When properly maintained from the start, new roof systems can outlast their warranties. If you've had a maintenance program in place from the beginning, some roofing manufacturers will even extend your roof guarantee.

Our experienced roof technicians will inspect and evaluate the condition of the roof components to identify areas where leaks may develop. Waterproofing is a dependable strategy for vents, chimneys, and skylights. Checking the gutters is also essential to make sure they aren’t clogged and allow water to drain properly.

Our Roof Technician will clean off debris and replace old, damaged, or missing shingles or tiles. Cracked shingles can lead to leaks, so they must be spotted early. Mold must be removed to prevent further spreading which can lead to expensive repair in addition to health hazards and degradation of the roof’s aesthetic value.

Accurate Roofing Pros focuses on Residential roofing including roof installation, roof replacement, roof repair, new roofs for homes and Commercial buildings as well as Roof tune ups. Accurate Roofing Pro's goal is to provide customers with high-quality workmanship at competitive prices while delivering outstanding customer service.

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