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On-site Project Manager

Our Project Manager will be on-site to provide answers to any of your questions about the roofing replacement process.  

Name Your Price

We offer fair pricing on our roofing services, competitive with other Gainesville roofing companies. We offer 3 roofing system packages so you can name your price!

Worry-Free Roofing 

Reassurance that we are taking care of your home as if it were our own. We offer exceptional preparation and clean up for all our roofing projects.

We Value Your Time

Nobody should have to experience waiting for a roofing company on services that you are paying for. We complete most jobs in 1 day so that you can get back to the important things in your life.


Roofing customer testimonial
roofing customer testimony
Roofing customer testimonial

Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC is committed to being the top roofing company in Gainesville GA.  Our team of experts strives to give you the best customer experience and deliver excellent residential roofing services in Gainesville Georgia. Our mission is to complete every local roofing project with the highest level of craftsmanship that you would expect from a quality roofing pro while maintaining competitive pricing.


We believe in providing specific roofing solutions that not only meet but also exceed our customers' expectations. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we strive to provide exceptional customer service throughout the roofing process. Our team of experienced and skilled roofing professionals is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with our services, whether you need a roof repair, replacement, or installation.


We take pride in our work, and we are dedicated to providing reliable and top-quality residential roofing services to homeowners in Gainesville and North Georgia area.

Residential roofing replacement

Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC also provides commercial roofing services that are unparalleled in quality and craftsmanship. We understand that commercial roofing requires a different level of expertise and attention to detail. With our dedication to customer satisfaction and top-quality workmanship, we also bring over 20 years of experience in commercial roofing right here in Gainesville, GA.


We have worked with a variety of local businesses, including multi-family residential buildings for the housing authority. Our experience has given us a deep understanding of the unique challenges that shingle commercial roofing projects present, and we have developed innovative and accurate solutions to overcome them. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are confident in our ability to handle any type of roofing project, no matter how complex.


When you choose Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC for your commercial roofing needs, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible roofing company in Gainesville, GA who are committed to excellence in all aspects of their work.

Roofing repair services are essential to maintaining the integrity and longevity of your roof. Even the most well-maintained roofs can experience damage due to severe weather, loose shingles, aging, or other factors. We understand the importance of timely and efficient roofing repairs, which is why we offer a range of repair services to address any issues you may be facing. Our team of skilled professionals will thoroughly inspect your roof, which is included with our free estimates, to identify any problem areas and provide you with a detailed assessment of the damage.


We use only the highest-quality roofing products and techniques to ensure that your repairs are long-lasting and effective. From minor leaks to nail pops or loose shingles, we have the expertise and resources to address any roofing repair needs you may have. Our commitment to exceptional customer service means that we work closely with you throughout the repair process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results. Contact us today to learn more about our roofing repair services and how we can help you protect your home or business with a reliable, durable roof.

A roof tune-up service is a proactive and cost-effective maintenance solution that can help extend the lifespan of your aging asphalt, flat, or metal roofing system. It is especially important for homeowners and business owners who have roofing systems that are 5 years old or older and are unsure of their current condition or may not be able to afford a complete roof replacement at this time. A roof tune-up service can help stop and prevent leaks, which can cause significant damage to your property if left unchecked.


We provide comprehensive roof tune-up services that include a thorough inspection of your roof to identify any problem areas, as well as any necessary repairs or replacements of damaged components. Our experienced professionals use only the highest-quality materials and techniques to ensure that your roof is in top condition and can withstand any potential damage from future storms or other weather events. Contact us today to learn more about our roof tune-up service and how it can help you protect your home or business investment.

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Roofing company gainesville ga

Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC
is Your Reliable Roofing Company
in Gainesville Georgia

At Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC, your got-to roofing company in Gainesville GA, our ultimate objective has always been to deliver exceptional workmanship and customer service, no matter the scope of the job for over 20 years. As a woman-owned and operated full-service roofing company, we proudly serve Gainesville and the surrounding counties of North Georgia, including Hall county.

In addition to our top-notch Georgia roofing services, we also offer a unique roofing design service called Roof Roof Beautiful. This service allows our customers to have a design experience for the exterior of their homes, while also ensuring that they receive a high-quality roofing system that will endure.

What sets us apart from other roofing companies is our unwavering commitment to our customers. We understand the concerns and anxieties that homeowners face when dealing with a roof replacement. That's why we take the time to educate and reassure all of our customers throughout the roofing process, whether it is for repair or replacement. As a result of our customer-focused approach, we have a loyal base of repeat customers who refer us to their families and friends.

Our primary objective is to provide superior customer service by prioritizing your needs and concerns. With our skills and expertise, we can make the roofing process faster, easier, and safer for you. We are your trusted local roofing company in Gainesville GA, for all of your roofing needs.

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