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Don't wait until you have a leak! 
 Damaged or missing shingles - curled shingles, popped nails
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Roof Tune Up


A Roof Tune Up - is a proactive maintenance solution that stops and prevents leaks while also extending the life of an aging asphalt, flat and metal roofing system. In general, people who have this sort of roofing systems that is 5 years old or older should consider a Roof Tune Up, especially if they aren't sure they can afford a roof replacement right now or don't know the state of the roofing system or even after a major storm. 



A Roof Tune Up Service will save you hundreds of dollars in costly leak repairs, as well as large insurance deductibles and insurance claims.  One of the most significant distinctions is that a Roof Tune-Up tackles issues before they become a problem. Roof repair is more site-specific and may incur larger expenditures. Here are some crucial elements to keep in mind when it comes to the necessity of a Roof Tune Up for optimal durability and savings.


Proactive maintenance is essential.   Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC offers skilled specialists that can examine your roofing system and evaluate the quality of the roof components to discover any leaks.


Our skilled roof specialists will check and assess the condition of the roof's components. Checking the gutters is also necessary to ensure that they are not blocked, and that water can drain correctly.

A planned maintenance.  A roof tune-up is comparable to an automobile tune-up. It is beneficial to be informed of the state at all times in order to avoid larger maintenance concerns in the future. By taking preventative measures and providing adequate care and attention, this service can help to extend the life of the roof.

Homeowners and businesses rely on their roofs to protect their properties from the weather. That is why it is critical to ensure that it remains in good shape throughout the year.


The Roof Tune Up Service includes a warranty on all work completed.

Guaranteed 2 Year No Leak Labor Warranty 


Do I have to be present? The good news is that you do not have to be there when we execute the Roof Tune Up Service. However, we do need that you be approachable by phone, text, or email in case we need to discuss your roof or if we discover something unexpected that has to be discussed. Otherwise, if nothing out of the usual is discovered, we will do the Roof Tune Up Service. Our specialists will photograph the service before and after it is completed.



*There may be an additional price for steep roofs and 3 story high roofs. If formed lead-based flashings need to be replaced, there will be an additional price of $25.00 per unit for Formed Lead-Based Flashings. Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC retains the right to cancel this program at any time and for any reason.

A Roof Tune Up is an important step in keeping the roof in good condition by addressing maintenance issues that can become a problem if not taken care of by a professional roofer like Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC A Roof Tune Up may prolong the life of older roofing systems by up to 5 years. 

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