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Door To Door Roofing Sales

door to door roofing sales scams to watch out for
Door To Door Roofing Sales Scams

Are you familiar with the risks associated with door-to-door roofing sales, which frequently catch unwary homeowners off guard?

The roof is an important part of your house because it protects it from the weather, keeps its structure in good shape, and keeps your valuables safe. Whether you need a whole new roof or just a few repairs after a storm, you want to hire a reliable and careful roofer who will do a good job.

Even though most roofers are honest and reliable, there are a few who try to take advantage of homeowners who don't know what's going on. These scam artists, who are also called "fly-by-nighters," only want to take your money (and maybe the money of your neighbors) and then leave.

A roofer who shows up at your door out of the blue and offers a good deal is a sign that you should be careful. Remember that most reputable roofing companies don't sell their services door-to-door. They will only come to your house if you call them and ask for their help.

How does the door to door roofing scam work?

Roofers go door-to-door and make a crazy offer, like free or very cheap roof repairs. They might show up right after a big storm or for no reason at all.

These con artists use high-pressure sales techniques to get you to agree to the great deal. Often, they try to get you to agree to a free roof inspection right away. Once they're on your roof, they may do more damage on purpose to make it look like the storm did more damage than it really did.

The scammer's goal is to get your insurance company to approve a claim on your roof so that they can fix or replace it and have the insurance company pay for it. But if the insurance company thinks there was wrongdoing or something strange about the damage, you will be the one to pay, not the roofer.

Even if the insurance claim is approved, the homeowners are not in a good position. You might not get the full value of your roof, your insurance rates might go up in the future, or a valid claim might be turned down.

How to Protect Yourself from this Scam

Even though reputable roofing companies do offer free roof inspections, they usually don't do this as part of door-to-door sales. So, you should be careful with any roofer who knocks on your door out of the blue.

Door-to-door roofing salespeople should not try to get you to sign any contracts because they may use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to use their services. Even letting them do a free roof inspection can be risky, because they could use the chance to do more damage.

Instead, after the salesperson is done, take some time to learn more about the company. After a storm, a real roofing company may go door-to-door, but this doesn't happen very often. But before you agree to use their services, you should make sure they have a physical location you can visit, check to see if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and read customer reviews and testimonials.

Choosing The Right Roofing Company Is Crucial To Any Roofing Project

Get in touch with us right away if you are interested in having work done on the roof of your house that is of high quality and will not break the bank. We have been providing our services to customers in the North Georgia area for over 20 years, and we not only have the expertise, but the satisfaction of our clients and upholding our integrity have always been our top priorities.

Accurate Roofing Pros, LLC focuses on Residential roofing including roof installation, roof replacement, roof repair, new roofs for homes and Commercial buildings as well as Roof Tune-Up services. Accurate Roofing Pros LLC's goal is to provide customers with high-quality materials and workmanship at competitive prices while delivering outstanding customer service.



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